Getting Started – Your First Pair of Shoes

You’ve been watching Strictly for years, you’ve seen the Youtube videos and finally you’re ready to take the plunge and give dancing a try. But where to begin?! You browse through all the dance schools in your area, and after hours of research, you find one. You attend a few lessons, you enjoy it very much. Now you want to get serious. Purchasing your first pair of dance shoes is exciting, complicated and can get very costly. I know because I was in your shoes (bad pun intended) two years ago, that is why I started Shut Up & Dance. (Anyway, more about me in the About Us section, back to shoes!). Gents, keep scrolling, the first section is for ladies.

Ladies, first of all, consider what your daily preference are for shoes. Do you wear high heels everyday? How do you feel about stiletto heels? In my experience, it is wise to start with some smaller, thicker heels, simply because you may have mastered walking in heels, but dancing in them is a different story. I was overconfident when I started. Being quite small, I wear heels everyday, and I’m perfectly fine in stilettos, but when it came to dancing in stiletto dance shoes… Glad I didn’t injure myself. So yes, small heels are a good starting point, and as you get more advanced, your heels can start getting higher too! I’ve had customers buy 4″ heels, and I always wonder how long they’ve been dancing.

But how small should the heels be? This is where your daily preference comes in. If you normally wear heels, go for 2″ or 2.4″ heels. If you don’t wear heels very often, go for the block heel practice shoes, there are some very pretty ones out there. Here is a selection of affordable, beginner shoes:

  1. The basic block heel practice shoe. Simple, durable, comfortable.

2. The Sparkly Block Heel.







3. Our most popular small-heeled style. Sparkles!

For gents, this process is way easier. All you need to decide is how much you’re willing to spend and what colours you like. The heel height on gents’ shoes do not vary a lot. Most shoes are block heel, the highest heel of this type is approximately 1.7″. There are also flat heel styles available, although there are fewer of these.  Here are some suggestions, just click on the image and the product link will open in a new tab:

  1. The classic gents’ style – one of our bestsellers! Perfect for beginners!






2. Simple yet stylish.

3.  For those who do not want to conform.







Et voilà! If you’re stuck at any point, feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to help!