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About Us

Ballroom & Latin dancing has traditionally been seen as an upper-middle class activity. The price of related products reflects this. Thanks to dance programmes like Strictly Come Dancing, more people are joining the dance community!

Let’s make Ballroom & Latin dancing accessible to all!

“I started university in 2014 and joined the Salsa Society. I wanted a pair of dance shoes to get started, but realised just how expensive they were! So, in 2015, I created Shut Up & Dance to provide affordable dance shoes for hobbyists like myself. We have come far in making dancing accessible, but we have much further to go!”

Maggie Chen (Founder)

How to make dancing more accessible?





The market average for dance shoes is £70. Through our made-to-order method, we can offer hundreds of styles for £30. You just have to be a little patient.


We have partnered with some great societies who will be happy to help you get started.

Virtual lessons coming soon!


We believe that it is through communication and discussion that we can create something new, which is why we will be running an international cultural exchange project. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!